Saturday, 2 March 2013


People always sound critical. Trying to recoup the best answer. is there a hidden secret recipe? is there a hidden motive? Getting something from me? Why me?

Amusing. Don't you find? History started off with barter trade. Follow by agriculture produce. And services.

Everyone has something to offer. Many seem powerless. There is a reason. And chances are they are being too harsh on themselves.

Reasons like no money. No skill. No opportunity. ill-health. Getting old. Too young. Handicapped. The most unfortunate is no "want".

Unless we have cerebral palsy or something, we subject our livelihood to alms. But with time, many do learned from their past. There are either losing interest in life itself or pure lazy. No one is to blame. Free country. Everyone do have choices.

The economic pie is not judged by its' size. Supply n demand either. Those are old school of thoughts. For instance convenience shop. Neighbourhood apple-pie outlet. Or even selling unheard of items on the net. The trade scenario has taken added malady into its' business. Not just old malady but a new set too.

Like competition. Customers spoilt for choice. Shopping malls coming up like mushrooms. Buying power. The aging society. Breadwinner has many mouths to feed. impatience etc.

These are elements that will bring up prices. Unorganics. Preservatives. irresponsible workforce. Unscrupulous employers n so forth. The impact could only get worst as human behavioural study concludes.

As the human population profess itself, the future of trade is anybody's guess.

We can only do our day's work with some proper etiquette, try not inviting troubles n minding our own business.

Unless you are the maverick type.

Or aspires to be a Circus Clown.

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