Friday, 1 March 2013

Responsible for ourselves

is there a way to make it on our own? To our own ability? To our confidence? No matter what the challenges are?

From experience, we are too afraid of failures. Afraid of economic sanctions. Afraid lack of support.

With some amount of thoughts n guidelines, i don't think anyone out there shouldn't be able to. Learning from mistakes. Trials n errors. Being thrifty. Are some of the lessons we can induct into our new work.

We maybe good in writing. Good in accounting. Good with people skill. And selling too. There is no short cut. Many give up within short notice. Getting bored. Feeling lost are some of the setback on the journey towards independance.

Have a vision. Try to achieve something by taking steps. Finding ways to solve problems. Stay focus. And so on. Be sure to finish off our assignment too. With time n some practice the goal you're seeking should be within reach.

For instance, if you're selling something. is there a demand? Where the market would be? Will i be able to market them? What are the cost? What is my punchline? Where shall i start? When will i be able to sell a specified quantity?

Whenever we found difficulty in doing anything, start asking ourselves what we can do. Do not shy away or give up too easily. There must be a way. Somewhere. Somehow. Anyhow, where would we start? The time is now.

What if i don't have money? What if i don't find the time to do things? Whom shall i talk to? Whom shall i call? What am i doing right now? We should start somewhere or we will be forever at a crossroad. Afraid of leading our lives. Afraid of taking that 1st step.

We are blessed with certain attributes. Something we good at. Something we love. Don't let that go to waste. if money is the main criterium, chances are we are not going to start anything at all.

Start working on something n get into the scheme of things. Problems n solutions are stepping stones in every enterprise. You never know if you don't try.

Try taking one step at a time n see for yourself the changes you make towards making a better living.

Better late than never. Take it slow. You love it!

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