Saturday, 6 April 2013

Scheme of things

No denial the ups n downs of life. Gravity is everything. Bucking up for the next move.

Making a living n chores to do. Care for our love ones too.

Can't be too choosy over things that need to be done. Daydreaming n sleep away precious time just won't do.

Living up to a dayjob perhaps doesn't promise everything. But mustering our energy to a good day's work definitely spells something. Like food on the table. Commendable toiletries for some. And maintaining our household.. A roof over our head.

Take it easy. Life ain't that bad after all. Some respite from the things we love. For instance, what i am doing right now. Pursuing a hobby in writing. No guilt. No hangover. If you ask me.

Taking a stroll on our mobile too. Not mentioning some interesting viewing on the tube.

Sometimes we feel down. We feel tired. Running of the mills they said. It's only natural. Whom doesn't?

Picking up the pieces n get moving with our life sounds dour. Everyone including ourself never feel contented. Hassle-free n comfortable living is everybody's dream.

We get chided from pushie people occasionally. Learning to fulfill our responsibility might be arduous but life goes on. The show must go on or let the grass grows under our feet.

Getting into the scheme of things is a 9 to 5 job. No complaining here. For now.

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