Friday, 1 March 2013


As time goes by, we realised how things have changed so fast. Getting older. Tired. Meaningless.

Going with the times, sanity drives away our customers. Much more so otherwise. Doing our best to run business both the macro n micro side.

There is no easy way out. Working, pacing n practising our skill in the hope of getting results.

Solitude n finding rest also works. No point working fervently where we most often misdirect our energy n getting frustrated in the end. Well, that's life. Getting frustrated is a human feeling. Don't get too hard on yourselves.

We fall. We crawl back. All in a day's work. Once we realised we are only human, we will feel much better of being our ownself. No undue influence. No duress. At your own pace.

Little victories along the way like cutting on smoking n drinking more water. Reducing our anger n minimising on impulse. There is no end to what we can do to improve our life.

Don't get too carried away with external forces. Think right. Doing the right thing etc. Go for what we want. Take that very 1st step. Don't give up easily. And be kind to yourselves.

Like getting enough sleep. Take it slow. And personal hygiene.

No shame. No shame. We might be slow. But we are taking steps for the road ahead.

Safety first.

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