Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The season for jolly

Yes Dec 25th the one day in the year where everybody celebrates Xmas. Rich n poor. Young n old. Good n naughty.

We put on our best clothes, best smiles n most importantly new resolutions for the coming Year 2014.

Wishing better things to come n meeting new people that will enhance our social being.

Wealth, health, happiness you name it, everyone is wishing for that special something or someone to come along. And sweeps us off our feet.

Time, money n energy. Blood, sweat n tears. We go thru the passage of time bringing with us memories both good n ugly. Victories n downfall. And yet we thank the Special One for all the blessings He showered on us.

May the coming Year 2014 brings us peace, joy n happiness. Sigh.....

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