Friday, 26 October 2012

Oh yes

I will be with you

Come rain or shine. The road ahead is long. No fear.

Challenges 'n struggle all in a day's work. Oh yes, i can cope. Have a little confidence in me.

Something on your mind. Eating you i guess? Care to share?

I am humans maybe. But i do have some potential in me.

Trotting towards the future. Making amends. New creations to prove my capability. And hopefully don't disappoint.

Facing the same situation at times. No pretention there. What lesson is one trying to teach?

Uuumph, don't blame oneself if you received snuff remark from an old dog. New tricks perhaps ...

Respect is everything. But in the line of duty 'n relation, small talk just won't do. Impatience from subjects creep into everyone. Same objective but dreams of its' own. Reality fools no one.

Therefore, minding our own business take precedent in an ever rush-hour dayjob  (( :

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