Saturday, 20 October 2012

What i think

I might be wrong.

Please do understand that everyone is doing their very best to cover its' ass.

Come judgement day, one will have nothing to fall on. Or nothing to show. More so, how do we defend ourselves if the things we do are sloppy 'n mediocre? We are being paid for what we do best.

Let's keep in mind that maintaining certain standards are important. Both at work 'n otherwise.

Might be harsh to say. From my own experience, it doesn't matter whom you are or what you do. Detractors will find ways by all means to poke us in everyday living. Especially if you have responsibility to bear.

Come on, relax bro. Relax sis. Heard it everytime. Reality is, if we don't pull up our socks, we will be left clean 'n dry on the next stop.

This is a beautiful Sunday. Ain't gonna spoil my time. A day to recharce, standing on my own 2 feet for a while 'n enjoy my cuppa coffee leisurely.

I guess i'm the only one preoccupy with this right now, ah-ha................

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