Monday, 15 October 2012

In the flesh

Getting hands on with a given task can be fulfilling. Able to execute 'n receiving praises can be hearty.

Perhaps one knows your capability which comes with your designation. Sometimes by giving more 'n be more creative will instill confidence with your "commander". Stroking his back, licking his wounds etc.

Whom doesn't like puppies? Cuddly, huggable 'n retrieve anything you cast away. Oh Lord, get me a poodle. Accompany me during the quiet hours 'n giving me those twinkling eyes. Wherever 'n whenever i like it. In the day, under a moonlit sky or at home.

Holding on to the wheel with the wanting eyes looking into the horizon. Every bit in the flesh, putting the gear in motion 'n opening our soul to the melodies rushing into our ears.

Colleagues 'n ordinates working around you with their anectodes 'n one-liner are amusing 'n tucking our very own heartstring. Thank heaven, all is good, workflow is manageable 'n fall into place.

I like those little friends that stick around the workstation. Coming with a tail, the mouse glide across the screen without a care in the world. The mighty pen to take down orders from our 'cook' seems to speak with no doubt 'n faithful to the dot. I love to tickle the photocopying machine if it has a life.

Thank Lord for blessing me with these magical fingers. They can really do wonders. You can massage my back anytime. I got a full blown body for you to work on.

But for tonight, let me embrace, hug, caress 'n feel your warmness.

I will leave a light on for you. 9pm sharp. Right here waiting  ( ;

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