Friday, 19 October 2012

Don't rush

Dateline Oct 19th 2012 Friday 3:51pm

Breathing down your neck maybe(Jepsen call me maybe). A little submissive to my so-call master(creditor) can do the different. This too shall pass. Well sorry, i promise tis will be the very last time i say it, ah-ha.

I'm doing my thing here. With some blessing from my buddy Jesus, i've the feeling my account will be clean again in no time.

Working diligently 'n exercise much care here. Not to overlook extra cost 'n minding my work. Hopefully, oh yes my only wish, to be happy with whatever comes along. Duties 'n leisure i welcome with open arms.

Talk is cheap. Trotting with fine steps going about my daily work is the sure thing. My favourite baby is the immediate lifeline like incoming streams of chores that needs attention.

Thank you Lord for your blessings 'n wish all is well with my love one.

I love you. But i don't know about you.

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