Saturday, 13 October 2012

Crucial time

Attending meetings to trash out outstanding matters at the jobsite.

Projects behind schedule not surprisingly jitters team members to a new height. Overlapping of duties, delay in delivery 'n miscommunication jeopardise smooth operation.

Documentations for submission 'n vetting needs time. Allocation 'n portioning of time affects work programme. Rocket scientist 'n Einstein just won't do. Tackling sporadic issues at the jobsite coincides with both running 'n projected work. Fitting all the missing pieces in the work puzzle requires plenty of co-ordination.

Are we thinking too much of the problem? Deliberate too much on seeking a solution? Or the work in hand faces lack of human resource? All in good times, bro.

The flow of commands always dictate workflow. As long as there is work being done, time for recess 'n oversee will see the day.

No problems that are cannot be resolved. Changes in attitudes 'n strategies will make a big difference in whatever we set out to do.

We might be human 'n successible to non-performance 'n errors. But making good on even the smallest issue will eventually tantamount to delivering the bigger building block of life itself.

Never say never (( :

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