Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wrong impression

Getting to know someone needs time. Unless you've no interest.

Everyone is going thru a phase where chances are things are not as smooth as one thinks.

Silly disposition 'n innuendo will give wrong impression. Either to a close one or a stranger. Sanctions to the victim are outright wicked. At least to the victim.

Conforming, best attitude 'n pleasantry notwithstanding, please fathom how the victim feels.

Over the course of my life, experience it myself, I've seen many turn vegetable due to the pressure of life.

Have a heart. More so, in this fast-pace high cost living.

Without a proper job couple with lack of capability sure spell disaster. Wanting in family support also add problem to the injury.

In other words, working towards being a perfectionist is a non-option.

Perfecting the art of surviving in a very tough society.

Getting tougher by the day.

Oh Lord Jesus, bless us all......................

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