Thursday, 18 October 2012

Things we toy with

Able to hold. Work with, with our little fingers 'n move around at whims. With specific tools matters can be moulded to perfection. The feel of working with solids is tangible good.

Flow into forms. For washing 'n cleansing surely tantalise our skin 'n scalp. Not only skin deep. tiltillates our taste when served as beverage. Liquid is pervasive 'n smothering.

Woman's perfume is a good instance. The scent is lingering 'n make one attentive. On the other hand, dust 'n fumes are a let off. And of course cigarette smoke. Gassiness is amorphous in many disguise.

Nota beene; Matters around us are an enigma. It takes awareness to feel their presence  (( :

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