Thursday, 4 October 2012

Working hours

Snoozing. Fiddling with the alarms before waking up to a working day.

Getting ourselves ready for the day ahead. Beating traffic 'n greeting our co-workers when we reached the office.

Finding oneself tackling workload at the workplace, we seek the best solution to our problem at hand. Doing it right the first time. Some good planning, sharp execution 'n presention will set our priority right.

There will be no end to the work we do as come-ons entering at different phases. Continuance, perseverance 'n tolerance will ensure no unnecessary backlog of cases. Unless we don't mind our superiors keep shoving us with reminders.

Bear in mind that jumping the gun and finishing our task ahead of time without being fully-inform of the whole scenario could jeopardise our effort too. Editions 'n corrections will compromise the time alloted for a specific task.

Communication 'n co-operation with our co-workers are deemed essential too as we are not the sole entity running the show in a company. Wise decision, a knack for timing 'n striking the right chord with one's colleague will do the job when need arise.

Bosses don't hear the whole story all the time or rather receiving the wrong piece of information at times. One could be penalised whether knowingly or otherwise. In such instance, it pays to converse with your Boss over any irregularities or difficulties at work.

The onus is on us. Safeguard our back or we will be shown the door before time.

Dog eats dog world bro. Unless you are those whom see the world with rosy glasses, the workplace is not a domain to be toyed with. Inventive, hardworking 'n perseverance are calling of the day in order to secure our career.

God bless the working class...

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