Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A quiet evening

The dust has settled. Moving on with a slow tempo, going easy on the heart. Irregardless of what I write, new story is inviting. Importance not the least, new happenings bring forth a brand new feeling that spell good in my stock of life. Other people might give a helping hand in writing unsolicited but I do welcome any form of goodwill assistance. Not the reluctant one though. I definitely will read the script I wrote someday. So happy to have come this far. Love ones whom treat me well in the past often on my mind. Regrets at times.

Being soft, quiet and unassuming is shy, shy in an instant gratification world. Hush hush and rash has taken its' toll on the hardworking heart that has been pumping since inception. Have a heart goes a long way though we might get persecuted for the wrong reason. For the umpteenth times, I am learning by lessons well. Like the hare and tortoise fable, the higher we climb, the harder we fall. Handle with care. This life pattern of mine suits me well wherever I go and wherever I am. Though awkward dealing with the furious and impatient ones, the chances of acceptance is higher though sometimes being shrugged in a big way.

Anyhow, the lesson in composure is a brilliant one coz we are able to accomplish fewer task with finesse than having many unfinished task. The sense of achievement is greater and the heart is much more easy-going than when going through a hasten process. To be right in a few undertakings is sufficient. No harm with mistakes. Just don't repeat them too often. Holding on to a passion is blissful. It keeps us mellow and develope solace in a stressful heart that beats to the drum of a never-ending rat race.

Come to think of it, I have been rushing like a madman to get things done recently. Being hasty and rash don't do justice to my conscience. I am listening to my heart now. Many are committed to efficiency and being effective. The question is where are we heading? Is the goal of life we aspire a genuine one?

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