Friday, 4 September 2015


As strong as ever. To resume unfinish business. To refine a masterpiece. Doing is one story. Getting refresh from sufficient sleep is essential too.

Unpaid blogger. Seen it. Heard it. That doesn't stop us from writing. For a good cause. Sharing is caring. Loads of shit to the uncaring. But a life support to those who treasure.

Time is precious, a tool and platform to eradicate problem. Money seldom buy us out of trouble. Older and wiser.

A little saving along the way goes the distant. Good habit. The lights is not out. Just doing what I can.
Apart from writing, reading is good too.

Knowledge we gain thru the years is featherlight. We can carry knowledge wherever we go. It takes an eye for detail when searching for good reading material at the bookstore. Take time.

I have been writing on the Net since 2009. Don't regret one bit.

I can be contacted via Mobile +60104327663

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