Monday, 7 December 2015

Couldn't care less

Yes, who cares? And those who cares normally shoved sickening remarks down our throat. Notwithstanding, life goes on. Not about finding a better way but pressing ahead with task in hand. Never a time where the finish line is in sight. What finish line? Looking upon the horizon is a sigh of relief after a long spell of discomfort with up-closed and personal project. A window to the world from a laptop perspective is inviting. Holding fast to a closed conscience is disheartening whereas listening to our heart do us more justice at anytime and everytime.

Shirkers at the workplace are to be seen but hardworkers look foolish too in a sense. It's a desperate situation. More practical is following our heart. holding on and letting go just like breathing. Complainants rule the world. Excuses and finger-pointing to the extent of ousting one's nemesis is a game played on and on. The victor will go on preying on its' next target while the loser is subdued to oblivion. People dragging their feet for a reason. Playing for time, benefit of doubt and taking solace are dominants. Ill-feelings and black hearts is ingrained when someone is desperate to quell stubborn subject. Bitter fighting do happen and the casualty suffers. On the other hand, being an introvert, harbouring acidic retort and rejection will come to a boil eventually.

Green-eyed and red-eyed monsters rule the rat race. Unless you are square or blind, chances are you are missing out on the struggle of life daily, big time. Wake-up before critical time impose stringent measures upon us. There must be a missing link in the passage of time where we feel lost and powerless.

Taking the rightful measures to insulate ourselves from impending pitfalls and striking the right balance between work and rest is paramount to guarantee thriving life. Excess and baggages notwithstanding.

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