Tuesday, 8 December 2015

You know what?

Glad to share my recent experience. Casually but surely, pieces falling into place. Getting the big picture is one. What's it gotta do with me? Travelling is a pain. Narrow path and running traffic a nuisance. Is there a better way. Imagine an episode from Star Trek, beam me out. Mealtime is hassle rain or shine.

Working overtime to satisfy frustration of others is imminent. No time to lose. Assholes are here to stay. How to tackle the situation? Ignorance is bliss. In the old days, Hitler and Napoleon go to war to extinguish its' detractors. Abiding the law nowadays is a must unless you content with the slammers. People work for money. So obvious, need no mention. Licking ass and sweet talk to our paymaster is an arduous task. Won't be surprise many spent a big chunk of their time kowtowing to this phenomena.

The story never ends. For as long as money serve as a legal tender, people will resort to poker face to play the right card in economic endeavours. So are the social circle. No mistakes here. Only a fool is glee and happy with hyenas as company. Options are few. The search for an easy piece of dough is not only futile but null and void. Many go broke trying to be funny with silly ventures without proper planning. Sadly, most don't have much choices as time is running in an unforbidden way. Mistakes made are a golden rule to project us into friendlier circumstance by choice. Awareness and care is insufficient as an ever wave of obstacles are hindering progress along the way.

Business aspires profit. Healthy living crave for new and better way of life. Change is requisite otherwise we might settle for stagnation and worst still, we will be left die standing.

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