Friday, 11 December 2015

No certainty

Hope for the best. What are we hoping for? So what? People talk of time often. What time got to do with us anyway? Gravity is a neglected topic. We succumb to the influence of gravity daily. Yet we are not aware of it. But then again, we human are able to manoeuvre our ways in a strange fashion. Funny and interesting fashion.

At a loss. What's next? Does it matter? Like a bull charging toward its' matador, a mindless act. Nimble and thoughtful act is enjoyable. Masterpiece are created with sobrobriety and calmness of the mind. A soulful singer croons out a melodic song for sure. Beautiful girls are source of inspiration. No hurry in crossing the finish line. Don't rush, we will fall.

When it rains, sleeping is a great option. A well-deserved rest for a tormented body. Sorry, we are not idiots but hardworkers all the same. Our well-being shall be taken care off daily to ensure good health. Recklessness at our own risk. Working with care goes a long way. We might be push but how we respond dictate a rightful way for our own good. Don't be sorry later.

A sense of guilt always seem rushing in when we do the wrong thing. Something to do with conscience. More wrong than right in every new act. That's how we learn. New lessons not necessary teach us more than the old ones. So do new ideas. Perhaps the old ones fare better in present condition.

Not the least, think right, listen to our heart and try not doing too many mindless mistakes along the way. Don't be afraid. Let's continue our good effort. And take time for rest too.

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