Sunday, 23 August 2015

The fight goes on

Yes to financial freedom. 45-hour-workweek is tremendous. Many agrees. The love is gone no matter what we think. Are we slave or something?

On the other hand, entrepreneurship is capital intensive and long duration before breaking even. We are all dead in the long run. Are we nuts?

The market is over-saturated. Gotta be Iron Man to stand out in the crowd.  How many Apple Company are there in the world. Or rather be an oil baron where energy guzzling motorist always come back for more?

When I say I don't have the answer, you probably turn off my blog. Naturally. With a single notion in mind. To share and appease a lonely follower my way.

Tappping and striking on the keypad is not the answer too. That I know. I would rather watch a movie or listening to my favourite songs.

The rest I leave it to your imagination.

Dream on, God bless.....

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