Monday, 7 December 2015

Unfinished business

Yes, catching our breath. Deadlines to meet and rushing for mealtime. Losing our soul in the process. Connections are vain coz people do not want to be disturbed. Heartbreak is foolish. Soul-searching in many forms like doing the things we love most to occupy precious time. Rejection from paymaster is possible along the way. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. This is not paranoia but reality in a dog eats dog world.

At the mercy of paymaster is a pain in the neck. Playing for time can only go so far. Sooner or later, critical action is a matter of urgency in the name of bread and butter issue. So silly settling for happy-go-lucky attitude. Being looked upon as a clown in the storm of a social or working circle. The liberty of being serious rest with the beholder. Vulnerability has its' advantage. Being approachable is one. Increace the likelihood of opportunities come knocking. Whereas serious people who go hurting other people's pride beget risk of its' own. I am definitely not those who succumbed to acidic remark from the serious one.

Good friends are few and remote. More true in the present day. Who am I? A celebrity? Tom Cruise or David Beckham? Get real. I have my disadvantage but I am making an effort to upgrade my livelihood if not status as the day goes by. That doesn't made me better than anyone but still an effort worth dictating in the near future. Fighting for independence is an ongoing process. Reliance on help from strangers is frowned upon in this materialistic world unless we have the leverage in bargaining power. Reckless soul that is synonymous to a bull in a China shop is ubiquitous. Couldn't care less.

Banging the wall and speed trap along the way as we curtail the shortage of time daily. Politics and economic factors do weigh heavily on our survival but then again so do an honest day of hardwork and sowing newfound struggle towards a better life.

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