Saturday, 1 December 2012

When it rains

Young and old alike. We can't venture out. Taking shelter wherever we are. Finding things or someone to occupy our time. Ironic

For those whom are well-equipped, they are more prepared for the next move. Having a car or an umbrella in hand, for instance. Life takes on a whole new meaning when we are aware that rain will not stop anytime soon

Groping for new avenues, planning for the next activity when the rain stops 'n so forth truly is a challenge. You never know what in store when the time comes. For example, an impromptu meeting with an interesting character due to run-off of schedule or seeing new things as time stood still when one is idling on a spot

In major cities, corridors linking skyscapers 'n open spaces in rustic remote areas are a stark contrast. People is either carrying on their life as usual or while away their time sleeping in cottages or huts. i leave these to your imagination

For artist 'n the work-driven, rain cast an emotional 'n sentimental spell on every mood. History tells that some of the most ingenius creation are created during a rainy spell. Do you agree?

The effect of sunshine on work performance is leaving a plenty of room for experimentation 'n arguments. i leave this to the experts. See you next time ( :

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