Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Going with the flow

Marching to the rhythms of life is interesting 'n comes with excitement. We never know what comes our way. Chances are, opportunities 'n obstacles are strung together at every juncture. A little bit of awareness will bring you to the corridor of everyday life itself.

Like a beating drum or a running wheel, everything seems to be in motion. Full of life 'n  never sleeps. Not until the sun sets.

One things lead to another. It's amusing watching people going from one task to the other as though life depends on this unbroken chain of life. The circle of life has only just begun

It takes plenty of effort 'n perspiration to get things done. According to plan 'n satisfying the whims 'n fancies of fellow customers

Mankind has always try to achieve the impossible. To attain the ultimate dream or fighting for survival. The rules are the same. Keep on swimming to stay abreast with the aim of reaching the shore in time

On the other hand, there are those whom couldn't be bothered with the passing of time. Come what may. They have their reasons i guessed. That is another story. Beyond my comprehension anyway ( :

No matter how we look at life around us, going through the motion is all in a day's work. What do you think?

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