Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Good day to write

Every day is a good day

Love to share with my friends what was going on lately. Well, there are lots of happenings at the Mall.

A multitude n variety of goods are being dished out for Christmas. It's an eye-opener of course as seldom so much branded n quality products are on display.

Spoilt for choice, there are customers whom hopped from Mall to Mall to get the best bargain. One could get sore feet if you spent the whole day there. Roller blades come to mind ( :

One could get a certain amount of discount if you purchased the same item in quantities. Others percentage wise. It comes down to one's judgement n personal taste when making a decision to buy.

Be it paying by debit card, credit card or cold hard cash, business is rolling like snowball. i bet when the day comes, the atmosphere would be colourful, cheerful n joy with the amount of goodies changing hand.

Fashions, make-ups, handbags n shoes would be on parade as eye-candies for the searching eyes this festive season.

Couldn't wait an iota ( :

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