Monday, 17 December 2012

New resources

To replenish our stock, many a time we venture out to look for new resources.

New ideas, new contacts n new stores to ply our trade. Foremost in our mind, economy n value for money practice are important so as not to deplete valuable resources.

Where to find, whom to reach n justification of time also played a role in our search.

Challenging as it is, the market is a lonely place. Sometimes. It pays to solicit help in the most unlikeliest place to get what we want.

With a little bit hardwork n tenacious, we shall be able to reach our target if we persist. There is a reason for everything. Against the odds, so much time, energy n money has been put forth to ascertain success.

Giving up is not an option as we need to practise our trade just like oil to an engine. Losing sight of our goal is not only futile but seeing an end to a hard-fought horrendous journey.

Whatever it is, we need to economise in every measure we take. Budgetary control of time is utmost as we should not delved too long with unjustified ventures.

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