Saturday, 29 December 2012

Here we are

Fate brought us together  n faith will take us on a long journey. Hope it never ends. Sweet notes n in remembrance of the good old days. Cherished every moment.

We never know what life brings. So far so good. Food on our table. Clothes over our back n roof over our head. Blessings indeed. Most importantly, we are blessed with the room to grow. Some teething problems perhaps. But nothing that we can't handle.

Friends old n new are like cozy companions on a cold wintry night. All the gold n money in the world will not replaced the silent whisper of a good friend in time of need.

Very much better with new longings like looking forward towards a new project, new wisdom n of course new hope. Lessons of the past only make us stronger n not giving up too soon whenever we stumbled upon an obstacle or glitches.

There are only 'temporary' as no thunderstorm lasts forever.

Let's wait a little while for better things or better someone to come along.

Meanwhile, let's tap a few lines or two to keep our friends informed from time to time. Believe me, there is always someone out there whom misses us a lot.

Don't keep them waiting.

Like a pianist composing a new song, everything we wrote can only gets better. Like old wine.

For those whom like to write, the journey of love has just begun.

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