Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blog mileage

This is my blog #86. Not in my wildest dream, i come this far. My initial target was 37. What you see is what you get ( : Windows 8 has given me a good hand so far. Not of best-seller material of course. But i am doing my best to go with the time

With my very own capacity, bound to perform 'n seeking a commendable merit, i wish i could go on forever. Writing is fun 'n therapeutic. i found my niche in what the current technology has to offer. The convenience of the net. My sincere thanks ( : With gratitude

English is my preferred language. i have always felt cozy with English reading material since childhood. i started off with the Oxford Dictionary, Enid Blyton 'n the Reader's Digest. And here i am, 46 tapping away with a clear conscience 'n soberity.

Putting our thoughts in prints is one matter. Churning them into an interesting piece of work is another. Especially to the discerning lot

Catching the whims 'n fancies of the creme de la creme readers is exciting. Both in the weaving 'n plotting of a continuing saga

Of course, trendy stories, mega-buck idea factories 'n tuning into the latest buzzwords are the crowd-pullers

To sustain  a long run in whatever we do, passion, desire 'n ambition are the main ingredients. Can't do without 'n within. Don't leave home without it too ( :

Meanwhile, do take great care of our goodselves. Sleep well, eat well 'n take time to progress

Tomorrow is a new day. Let's make our dream a reality, God bless.......

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