Monday, 24 December 2012

Toying with a gadget

Videogames come to mind. Fingers clicking good.

With not much awareness, we can go for hours on end fidgeting with the screen big or small.

The characters are so attractive n the real-time action are so mesmerising.

The scores notwithstanding, but then again who's counting.

We can switched to other games too when the goings aren't so 'friendly'.

Wherever we go, young n old alike, we can see them so preoccupied with the games to be oblivion to the crowd. Ironic.

In times to come, i have a vision there are more gadgets to play with. Some are pleasing to the masses n perhaps some can only be played indoors.

But then again, the good old handheld cellphone is still functioning as purveyors of smses, calls n cameras. At least for the future.

Meanwhile, let's keep our fingers crossed that there will be another revolution in the cellphone upcoming technology.

And sweep us off our feet once again.

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