Monday, 1 May 2017

A long, long cold winter.

Spring is here again. New hope, new aspiration. Don't have to think much, what being subdued all these while is coming to a boiling point. After much searching and cost guzzling, serendipity is dear indeed. Not worth the effort. Anyhow, time passes by anyway with idleness. Chances do come but far too remote and measly return. Chasing after dream is a weary affair while letting luck to rest on shoulder is time consuming. Meal after meal, watching the scene pass by just like movie rerun daily.

Greed over money like moth to the flame is magnetizing. The brain is sucked dry over the affair of money. Can't survive without, it's a painful life to the core. Begging for alms is distasteful, no way out. Seen people chuckling with happy-go-lucky attitude with a smile from ear to ear. Does it work? Truly happy? Not to mention hangovers when left alone. Puffing incessantly and string of coffee are a major pastime. A strong abuse of the body and soul.

People don't change naturally. Going through the same regimen day in day out hoping for miracle to fall on the lap. Will it? Hopping from drama to drama, life is a mess with a keen eye for what truly matters in life. Will excitement and addiction triumph over a peaceful existent? It's a choice. The price to pay is just beyond imagination.

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