Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The dark side is real.

No idea how dark people are. On the outside just a veneer. A form of defense mechanism to survive. How pretentious to run the day. Exception is not the rule. Positive thinking? Get real. Just like telling a kid he can't have ice-cream. Brother and sister, this is 2017. Being selfish and greedy are the #1 trait to make a big killing in a world of slavery. How far can one go with 9 to 5? People got betrayed the worst by the one they trust most in the end. Life is precarious, hanging by the thread when venturing for fastbuck. Speed kills, tardiness get trampled over. The right speed will take one on a whirlwing ride. No wonder people sitting on their butt doing nothing.

TV is an idiot box alright. It hassles eyeballs and mess up the brain. Sitting quietly in a room, puffing away with coffee to no avail too. Withdrawal symptom like writing, singing and talking incessantly are a nuisance to audiences. Perhaps silence is the best remedy for the world malady right now. And future for that matter.

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