Monday, 1 May 2017

Reason to go on and on.

Does it bite? Sanity is bland, repeating mistakes is the norm. Change is painful, costly and risk laden. Couched and comfort rule the day. Digestion for no reason in particular. Energy burnt to the ground, married to gravity. Regular chores like carbohydrate, tasteless and meaningless. Just wanna have fun, what fun? Like a peacock ruffle its' feathers in a land of zombies. Everyone keeping an eye on the moneyball. Errands and traveling, taken for a ride for nothing. The clock ticking away, the day is short. Sleepless night meant a losing ballgame, extratime. Sleep early, time wasted being carried forward to another day, schizophrenic at its' peak.

Patience run thin as resources are depleting rapidly. The quest for new money taking its' toll when everybody's selling and no one buying. Greed has left no room for the reticent and quiet ones. The waiting game is common as sugar, the major addiction of the world population either you are 8 or 80. Bosses treat its' subject like doormat. Begging on the street is a blue ocean strategy afterall. With the aging process, come instinct. Feeling cropped up like flowers in springtime with situation. Experience does matter when meeting or encounter with bad apples.

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