Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Breaking the doursome chain.

I can be reached via mobile +60104327663. Same pattern of writing going nowhere or writing isn't the right vehicle afterall. Meal give energy, energy to make profit. Otherwise how to survive? The ultimate question, energy to do what? How to sell when there is no buyer. Wishful thinking is a waste, writing is a waste. Those prints in the media look like sandpaper as a whole. Either to satisfy addiction or excitement. No wonder food and Youtube garner so much popularity. Writing? One must be kidding. This is not the 70s.

The tool to begin with is cellphone. Everybody clings to like a lifeline. Will it help anyway? Is the cellphone bringing in profit? Must be square clinging onto the cellphone day in day out without progress. Insanity of the highest degree. Personal interaction have much to do with give and take. Sadly, most on the take giving the market a malady with no antidote. Mistake happen foolishly like losing a vital piece blindly in a game of chess. People become ruthless by not taking action at all. No action, no rick. So common seeing people sitting on their butt whole day. It's epidemic.

Listless with no one taking the initiative to reach out. Hoarding personal fortune is the name of the game. Chances are slim for fruitful relation as people are growing more cynical by the day. Worst off, many are trying to recoup losses of the past. Progress? One must be kidding. Negative effort more like it.

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