Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Wherever we are, the festive mood will never wear out. Looking forward to a new milestone in the celebration 'n all. Putting on our best dresses 'n shoes to welcome the New Year, 2013. What a feeling!

No matter whom we are, what we do or social strata, the fun 'n joy of seeing our fellow beings joining in the ring of love is phenomenal. So much so, if we are planning some creative events to coincide with this year's Yuletide ( : Double the joy to be certain

i am not going to miss a beat definitely. Not gonna missed a thing. Oh no. I don't know about you.

i anticipate seeing people of all generations coming together, laughing, smiling 'n glee at the same time. Can't wait to capture the expression on their faces 'n gestures. Cameras will be ready of course. i don't know about you ( :

And last but not least, is what they are going to talk about over the festival. Their work, love life 'n leisure notwithstanding. i bet singling out the juicy grapevines will be the highlight of every piece of conversation. The spice of the circle of life ( :

Meanwhile, do take great care of our goodselves until the arrival of that special momentous day

Good night ( :

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