Sunday, 25 November 2012

Train ride

Tagging along your sweetheart is a pleasure indeed. Approaching the ticket booth with anticipation. Getting the best seat is second nature. A commendable coach with in-house cafe where we indulged in cream cakes 'n fruit juice.

The journey is not long if you asked me. Time flies when you are having fun. I will give romance a new name anytime. Exquisite, out of this world feeling 'n craving for more.

Alas, the scenes are unbelievable especially when you seen it for the very first time. With each one of us plugging to an earphone each, the sweet sound of instrumental music is truly mesmerising.

To relish in the ambience of the train, holding on to our favourite book is an icing on the cake. Wish the track never ends.

Chugging along with other passengers onboard, the feeling of traveling with circumstantial beings are enigmatic 'n eludes a certain charm in this love ride. Nobody travels alone, right?

My other half 'n i will certainly take this ride again. Give me the time 'n space 'n all systems go.

After all, with the experience of the first ride, the second one shall be a piece of cake ( :

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