Tuesday, 28 August 2012

U must be bored by now considering all the same old snippets everyday. Treat tis as a continuing saga.

Same old meal, groundhog day 'n going thru the daily treadmill at work. Everyone is xperiencing it. In fact, until the day falls. Looking for breakthrough right?

This is the beauty of it. Ingredients, recipes 'n modus operandi for a beautiful life only comes thru hardwork.

We always fall back to old ways due to lack of focus. Luck play a role too. Being at the right place at the right time etc.

However, most of us secured a job that seems no end in sight for the hope of saving enough for a rainy day.
True in a sense.

One thing leads to another. Things are not what they seem. We gotta get into the scheme of things. Win some lose some.

But we gotta take stock of our journey 'n beware of overspending, haste 'n misinterpretation. Valuable time is wasted due to misdirection 'n low hit rate.

Whatever we do, there must be a market whom crave for our product or service. Too often the return is so small 'n don't even worth the amount of time spent.

We need to streamline our effort in a way that proxy our market in an economical mode. Or else we will suffer losses that overrun our initial capital.

These are just a foresight of what will befall if we lose sight of our goal in life...

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