Tuesday, 14 August 2012

U gotta do better than tis'. Yes i will.

Things are not what it seems. U gotta touch someone's heartstring before u could get yr message deep down.
Chemistry we call it. Or rather reaching out to touch that special someone.

The feeling is mutual yet fun. Try it 'n i bet we crave for 2nd chances. Won't miss tis'

Financially gainful yes, follow-up projects yes. What else there is?

Look at the bright side. Gotta be confidence 'n believe in ourselves. Everything will fall into place. This is not an excerpt from a novel or karmasutra.

It's life itself 'n we gonna start somewhere some place or it will never be realized no matter how hard or how long we try!

Let's join our hands together 'n works toward a better 'n more financial rewarding future...

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